‘When you left the room, there was nobody else in the running’
Steve Barker senior partner RLF


David Roden Architects are progressive and innovative architects and urban designers specialising in masterplanning, urban regeneration, mixed use developments, commercial, research and technology buildings.

Established by David Roden with a career spanning 30 years including being a board director of 3 major architectural firms the practice is founded on the key principles of:

  • Design Excellence
  • Personal Hands on Service
  • Commercial Awareness
  • Innovation

We are driven by the belief that the quality of the environments we create both as buildings and our urban environments influence, enhance, and uplift our lives, community and culture.

We believe that the most successful places and spaces are derived from an understanding and synthesis of all the elements that inform our buildings and environments and the challenging of conventional thinking.

We strive to create buildings and places that are elegant, efficient, commercial and innovative based on the use of appropriate new technologies, uplifting and forward looking, yet responsive and respectful to their context, environment and culture.

Our projects range in scale from large scale masterplans and urban regeneration developments down to individual buildings with the focus on complex brownfield sites and city centre developments.

From our design studio in Central London we work throughout the UK and internationally, with experience of working in Russia, Europe, The Middle East and India.