Mixed Use + Living

Mixed use developments create vibrant sustainable places to work live and relax within our urban environments as part of urban renewal or as new communities. We have designed all the major building types and uses that make successful mixed use developments, often including retail, hotels and leisure through the residential and commercial buildings, and understand the interrelationships and requirements for each typology, and the urban spaces and connectivity that make for successful mixed use schemes.

The quality of where we live is fundamental to every person’s comfort, wellbeing, health, family and society. It reflects our ideals, aspirations lifestyle and community. Our residential work encompasses diverse schemes from high density urban housing to individual homes, and new communities in differing cultures and climates. Our experience work encompasses both new build and interior design and the need to create sustainable housing and communities.

Undertaken by David Roden as a director of Michael Aukett Architects (c) Image by Hayes Davidson