Office + Workplace

Our office and workplace experience includes corporate headquarters, city offices, business and science parks, research and development buildings and workplace interiors, new build and refurbishment and fitting out. Office design needs to reflect and promote the objectives and ethos of the companies and organisations which occupy them and need to be flexible, efficient and adaptable to accommodate the ever changing business environment and are a critical asset for an organisations success.

An emphasis on sustainable design is at the core of our design process, to create offices than are elegant, innovative and efficient, and environmentally sustainable, from construction and fitting out through to the buildings operation, and that are exceptional value for money.

Our approach to office design is holistic with an understanding that the architecture and interior must inform, satisfy and enhance corporate objectives and also that the needs and aspirations of the users. A good workplace environment is the key to productivity, staff satisfaction and retention, collaboration and communication, the corporate culture and identity of an organisation.