Do More With Less

Our approach to design ensures that we consider sustainability in its widest sense, at the scale of a city and masterplan as well as individual buildings and their components. The environmental and resource challenges facing us have to be tackled collectively and architects have a key role in this process as our cities and buildings are responsible for 50% of all carbon emissions. Our approach to sustainability is holistic guided by the words of the great American Architect Engineer Richard Buckminster Fuller ‘it is about finding ways of doing more with less’.

It is the thread that runs through all of our work. The principles of successful sustainable design evolve from defining a set of passive design principles, from the location, climate, and orientation of buildings, through their form, efficient use of structure, fabric, technologies and materials, their heating and cooling mechanisms, the amount of energy and resources used to construct and maintain them, and the connectivity and accessibility of their place within the city to create sustainable built environments for the future.