Masterplanning + Urbanism

Our masterplanning experience ranges from large scale urban design of new city quarters and settlements through to complex brownfield urban regeneration schemes, and individual infill and new development sites. We strive to design successful deliverable masterplans that create a flexible yet cohesive and sustainable framework to adapt and evolve over time to reflect and accommodate changing social, economic, cultural and environmental requirements. We aim to deliver transformational change, both to the immediate area and wider city, connecting and enhancing the urban, social and economic fabric of our cities, creating holistic sustainable appropriate environments responsive to climate, culture, society, context and history, yet forward looking innovative and inspirational.

The need to create cities that consume fewer resources, are environmentally sustainable and provide integrated communities for working, living, culture and leisure are at the core of our masterplanning philosophy through the innovate use of SMART City principles.

Our experience spans differing cultures, and climates, from Scandinavia, through the UK and Europe to Africa, and the Middle East, and India.